Welcome to BBES 2018-2-19

Thu, 09/06/2018 - 1:31pm

We want to welcome everyone back to school. We’ve had two successful days at The Bridge and know the rest of the year is going to be awesome!  

Emergency Drills
    Throughout the year we will be conducting various types of emergency drills for our students and staff.  Our students and staff will be informed prior to all drills and teachers will prepare students in developmentally appropriate ways for each drill.  Our first building evacuation drill will take place this week. This is a time for us all to learn and refine our responses to emergency situations.

Arrival and Dismissal
    We’re pleased to announce that all cars were through our car loop this morning before 8:34 am.  Thank you all for following the directions of staff. Our PreK students start school tomorrow, so we ask that you be patient as these parents also learn our new system.   Our dismissal was also more efficient today. When picking up your children, please be mindful of the following:

Dismissed from Gym
*All kindergarten car riders and walkers.
*All Gr. 1 - 5 car riders.
*Only kindergarten parents are to be lined up at the gym door. Please line up in a single file line along the wall.
*All other parents will receive their walkers in the front of the school.

Dismissed from Front of the Building
*All Gr. 1 - 5 Walkers
*Please leave room for students and staff to exit the building.

*If you drive a car to the school, park it, and then walk to the building, your child is considered a “walker” and should exit through the front doors (gr. 1 -5) or gym door (K).  
*It is safest for everyone if you do not park and walk through our parking lot. Please use the car loop instead.

Students are to bring in a note after an absence from school.  Please include first and last name, reason for the absences, date of absence, and parent signature.
Students are also permitted 3 discretionary absence days a year for family trips, vacations, or other events not associated with the school.  You can find the Extended or Discretionary Absence form here.