From Mrs. Inskeep - 10/10/18

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 3:29pm

Electronic Devices

We’ve had some parents ask for clarification regarding the electronic devices statement that was sent out earlier this week.

Please see the following guidelines for students who bring a cell phone or electronic devices to school.

  • We recommend students do not bring cell phones/electronic devices to school. However, we understand that some students may need to bring them for safety reasons.
  • Students will not be allowed to use any electronic personal communication devices during the school day.
  • Students will not be allowed to use any electronic personal communication devices during arrival and dismissal procedures, but may use them after school procedures are completed.  
  • All cell phones/devices must remain off during the school day.
  • All cell phones/devices must be stored in the student’s backpack during the school day.
  • The school is not responsible for any lost, stolen or broken cell phones or devices.
  • Due to phones/devices being off at all times, parents/guardians should call the school to communicate transportation changes for their child.
  • If a student does not adhere to these guidelines his/her cell phone/device may be confiscated by the teacher for the remainder of the day.  The student will be responsible for picking up the cell phone at the end of the student day. 
  • There may be circumstances in which a parent is required to pick up the cell phone/device.
  • These guidelines also apply to smart watches and any other personal communication devices.

These guidelines can also be found in the HCPSS Student-Parent Handbook which was sent home to all families at the beginning of the year.  An online version can be found here.   We ask that you also review these expectations with your child at home. 

Carloop Update:

We want to thank everyone for their continued patience in our carloop.  We've had some time now for everyone to become familiar with the new procedures and we're finding that it's taking much less time for arrivals and dismissals!  Thank you!

Arrival Time/Tardies:

As our carloop has become more efficient, we want to remind everyone of the official start time of our day.  Students must be in their classroom for their teacher to take attendance at 8:35 or they will be considered tardy.  When dropping off your child, please allow for a few minutes for him/her to walk down the hallway and be in the room by 8:35. 

School Visitation

We welcome visitors to our school.  American Education Week Nov. 12-16, offers an excellent opportunity for school visits.  At other times, visitors are asked to contact the principal or teacher at least 24 hours in advance to the visit to discuss the purpose of the visit and establish a convenient time for both the visitor and the school. Visitors must sign in at the front office and bring an ID with them.  The teacher may request that visits be rescheduled to serve the instructional needs and students' best interests.

Parent Visits to Cafeteria

We are happy to see parents come to join their students for lunch. When doing so, please be sure to get a visitor’s sticker by signing in on our LOBBYGUARD machine located in the office, then sign back out after lunch. Please confine your visit to the cafeteria. 

Halloween at BBES

At BBES we celebrate Halloween at an after-school event along with our PTA.  Our PTA hosts a Trunk or Treat after our Math Night on Oct. 18 where they may wear costumes.  However, students are not to wear costumes to school.  We do not host Halloween parties or have a parade during the school day.  We hope to see you all at our Fall Math Night and Trunk or Treat on Oct. 18!

Are You Receiving BBES Text Messages?

If you are not receiving text messages from BBES, sign up by texting "yes" to 67587. This is often the fastest way to receive our most important messages from the school.