Feeding Howard County Residents in Need

Thu, 05/10/2018 - 9:42am

The Howard County Food Bank provides food to Howard County residents in need. Community Action Counsel (CAC) of Howard County also sponsors fourteen (14) emergency food pantries that support families in need of emergency food assistance. As a healthy food bank, we are committed to alleviating the effects of hunger by providing adequate and nutritious food items to families. CAC distributes fruit and vegetables grown at its community garden and offers educational programs that support healthy eating habits for families. The Food Bank is supported by donations from individuals, groups, community food drives, as well as partners with grocery stores and supermarkets.

Here is a listing of our partnering food pantries

Are you eligible? Eligibility Requirements

Here is a listing of our most needed items to donate

Find additional information here: https://www.cac-hc.org/programs-services/food-assistance/